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12:15 AM EST

4/19/2018 3:20 PM EST
Brand new Rainbow Riot Nacre gene now on the forum for a limited time.
4/18/2018 7:38 PM EST
Sorry about the down time! Someone cut the fiber line the data-center. #notjoking Keep an eye out for a special sale on 4/19 to make up for it!
4/11/2018 8:44 AM EST
Cost to merge accounts will be increasing dramatically due to all the changes for new accounts. Make sure you finalize any pending merges asap.
4/4/2018 7:59 PM EST
Not surprisingly images are being added to the new generation queue faster than it can keep up, resulting in some images not loading. We've put a patch in for tonight and will do some more work on speed optimization tomorrow as well.
4/3/2018 11:23 AM EST
Foundations created by small accounts are now created with points. See the forum for full information.

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