HH8 Quiet Week's Information

HH8 Quiet Week

Age: Deceased
Bone: Medium (1.85)Era: 0
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Id Number: 853393
Birthday: Apr. 24, 2017
Foals This Year: 0
Owned by: The Archive
Bred by: Hunterhack9
Gender: Stallion(Untested) Breed: Travianner Warmblood
Color: White Spotted Buckskin Pearl Dun Sabino
Location: The Archive: Primary Pasture
Level: Grand Prix
Grade: Regional
Training: Needs Trained
Earnings this year: 0 hb's
Points this year: 0.0
Total earnings: 203 hb's
Total points: 32
Daily Payout: 3 hb's
Testing Score: A papered
Performance Test Grade: 11.50
Consistency: Consistent

Club Registries

Era 0 Breeders Club
Sabino 2 Breeders Club
Pearl Breeders Club
White 8 Breeders Club

Genetic Testing Results

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EE Aa CcrCprl Dnd2 gg fF SS pp Kitw8Kitsb2 WF: Medium
Genes marked in orange are closed genes and subject to sales limitations.

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Pedigree of HH8 Quiet Week

Sired by: WO Star Quiet IX and Out of: HH5 Last Week
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Horse Color:White Spotted Perlino Dun
WO Star Quiet IX *Star
  White Spotted Perlino Dun Warmblood
Horse Color:White Spotted Perlino Dun
HF8 Lonely N Lost *Star
  White Spotted Perlino Dun Warmblood
Horse Color:White Spotted Perlino Dun Splash
KC 491959 *Star+
  White Spotted Perlino Dun Splash Warmblood
Horse Color:White Spotted Perlino Dun
HF7 Down Loss *Gold+
  White Spotted Perlino Dun Warmblood
Horse Color:White Spotted Perlino Dun
HF5 Quiet Down Blue
  White Spotted Perlino Dun Sport Pony
Horse Color:Unknown
HF4 Show Quiet A+
  Unknown Sport Pony
Horse Color:White Spotted Perlino Dun
HF4 Grand N Up Blue+
  White Spotted Perlino Dun Sport Pony
Horse Color:Bay Roan Sabino
HH5 Last Week Red
  Bay Roan Sabino Warmblood
Horse Color:Black Ice Sabino
  Black Ice Sabino Warmblood
Horse Color:Silver Bay Ice Dun Sabino Splash Tobiano Frame
Frost Framed Dun Ice +
  Silver Bay Ice Dun Sabino Splash Tobiano Frame Sport Pony
Horse Color:Unknown
Snow Tires +
  Unknown Warmblood
Horse Color:Red Roan
369327 Red
  Red Roan Warmblood
Horse Color:Unknown
0A Big N Rich
  Unknown Warmblood
Horse Color:Unknown
HHB Apples2Apples
  Unknown Warmblood

Show Results for HH8 Quiet Week

Class NameDateLevel/Grade Placing Score
The Sternforemost ShowSep 28, 2017 :39 H7L 2 o/o 10231
The Firewarren Ladies to RideSep 19, 2017 :38 H7L 8 o/o 10223
The Tangle Wood Jump OffSep 4, 2017 :36 H6W 16 o/o 16200
The Dollarwise Gamblers ChoiceJul 14, 2017 :28 H4N 2 o/o 10118
The Prestissimo ShowJun 17, 2017 :24 H3N 4 o/o 875
The Sternforemost ShowJun 16, 2017 :24 H3N 2 o/o 877
The Amoroso ClassApr 25, 2017 :17 H1L 1 o/o 24
The Erewhile FestivalApr 25, 2017 :17 H1L 2 o/o 22

Damages For HH8 Quiet Week

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Sales records for HH8 Quiet Week

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Tack showing on this horse

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Non-Dun 1

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11/23/2018 6:48 AM EST
Recessive dun is now labeled with the most current correct genetic name non-dun 2 or nd2 for short.
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